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Mako sharkMako sharkPhoto taken by: Carl Safina

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Sustainable Seafood Program

Not all seafood is created equal. The Safina Center’s Sustainable Seafood Program helps consumers, chefs, retailers and the medical community discover the connection between human health, a healthy ocean, fishing, and seafood. We translate seafood science so that you can make informed choices.
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Safina Center Fellows

We’ve created a Fellows Program to bring new people with established reputations and recognized voices into the Safina Center ark. Our Fellows are a few accomplished and innovative artists, authors, chefs and scientists. They will develop and articulate ideas that advance a much larger, and deeper, conservation discussion. Fellows include author Paul Greenberg, shark experts, Dr. Demian Chapman and Debra Abercrombie plus author, photographer and filmmaker John Weller.
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Carl Safina’s Work

Whether or not we can see, hear, or feel the ocean from our own home territory, the ocean certainly feels all of us. And how our ocean is faring reflects how humanity is faring. In extending our collective sense of community beyond humanity and below the high tide line, we call for a Sea Ethic.
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