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Haven for Bluefin Tuna


Starting January 1, fishing within two bluefin tuna breeding hotspots in the Gulf of Mexico with a very  destructive kind of fishing gear – long lines – during their peak breeding months (April-May) will be prohibited by federal rule. The technique uses fishing lines up to 40 miles long with hundreds of baited hooks. Finally, half a century after this method was used to invade their breeding grounds and deplete them to remnants of their former abundance, bluefin tuna that come to the Gulf of Mexico to breed will have a safe haven. Read on.

Huffington Post blog by Dr. Safina and Elizabeth Brown, Breeding Protections for Giant Bluefin Tuna.

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Fellows Program:

Protect Ocean Cures

Shallow coral reef dominated by soft corals, Bahamas

Why should we curb ocean pollution, stop overfishing, prevent invasive species and save coral reefs?

Because the next wonder drug in the battle against some of our most insidious diseases, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, may be lurking just beneath the waves!

Already, there are eight approved drugs derived from marine chemicals that are being used to fight cancer, pain, viruses and inflammation. Another twelve compounds are in clinical trials with many more in the preclinical phase. Read on.

Huffington Post blog by Drs. Ellen Prager and Carl Safina: To Fight Disease, Protect The Ocean.

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