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Thank You!:

2014 NYC Benefit

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Our Annual Benefit in NYC

on November 12
The Explorers Club
was a great success!

Many thanks to all
our sponsors and guests.

Special thanks to our
Safina Center Fellows
who made the evening so inspiring!

Pancake Sharks:

Cousins in Trouble

Guitarfish on sale in a Dubai fishmarket are used for their meat but their fins are prized in Asia for a traditional dish—shark fin soup. Photo by Demian Chapman.

Our latest blog is about sharks’ cousins – rays and skates.

This interview with Safina Center Fellows Demian Chapman and Debra Abercrombie covers the lesser known cousins of well-known shark species. Many rays and skates are in trouble and need our help. More research and conservation efforts are key to protecting sharks’ fascinating relatives. More here.

More about Dr. Chapman & Debra Abercrombie.
More about Safina Center Fellows here.

2014 Online Auction:

Let the bidding begin!

Sunset over Wayag Bay, Raja Ampat

Check out our online Benefit auction on

This year we have a little bit of everything to satisfy the conservationist in us all!

Feeling adventurous? Here’s a chance to bid on an incredible Lindblad Expeditions tour to Madagascar with special onboard guests Dr. Carl Safina and renowned lemur expert, Dr. Patricia Wright. For foodies–an exclusive dinner for two at Blue Hill at Stone Barns plus a signed copy of Chef Dan Barber’s book The Third Plate. There’s lots more: resort packages, haute couture, an Adirondack cottage and fishing trip with Carl Safina. More here.